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Managed Communication Service for Retail Rochester MN

Create a better experience for your Rochester, MN customers with a streamlined retail business operations.

Phone systems for Retail Stores MinnesotaStay Connected to your Customers

Seamlessly, flexibly, and securely serve your customers wherever they are—in-store, online, or anywhere in between—while also simplifying the way your business operates.

Emergent-Tech offers Rochester, MN Retail Stores an easy way to achieve this with managed infrastructure services that ensure your business is “always on,” protected, and optimized to support the unique needs of retail businesses.

Ensure Your Communications Infrastructure is Fast, Resilient, and Secure with solutions from Emergent-Tech

  • Options to be there for your customers, wherever they are.
    Today’s retail customers expect you to meet them where they are, whether that’s online, in-store, or curbside. Emergent-Tech options provides your organization with fast, reliable, secure voice and internet communications, with built-in redundancy.
  • Safeguard your brand and reinforce positive word-of-mouth. Maintain your customers’ trust by protecting the data you collect. Emergent-Tech provides Advanced Security to  safeguard your network and information Tech assets while protecting your business against malware, viruses, spam, and emerging cyber threats.
  • Easily Grow Quickly and predictably when you open new locations. When efficiency and predictability matter, count on to help you quickly open new locations based on your retail technology infrastructure specifications.

Emergent Technologies communication services options are designed to Meet Minnesota Retailers’ Unique Needs.

Managed Infrastructure

Fast, reliable, secure voice and internet communications for your Rochester Minnesota retail business, with built-in redundancy.

Unified Communications

Add the Unified Communications UC package to facilitate timely, effective collaboration between your staff, vendors and customers. Includes all the features included in Managed Infrastructure package, while replacing business lines with a true unified communications experience.

Managed WiFi

You can add a Managed WiFi solution to provide private WiFi throughout your locations to your employees, as well as public WiFi access for your customers.

Contact Center

Increase Efficiency when you add the Contact Center service to ensure you can seamlessly, securely connect with customers regardless of your team’s location, easily scale when demand increases, and lower your operational costs.

Solutions to increase productivity,  improve the overall experience for your customers with Emergent-Tech and one of our Retail Communications solutions for your Rochester Minnesota retail business.


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Best auto dialer software for Businesses in Minnesota

We have looked and many different options for our clients and, and Nextiva is my top pick for the best auto dialer software for businesses.


The best auto dialer software can do a lot of things.  It can manage calls at scale, automating manual tasks, tracking real-time performance metrics . . . and so on.


Not all auto dialer software’s are created equal, Therefore, the more important question is to know which auto dialer software is worth your money for the things you need.

At Emergent-Tech, we work with a lot of the major VoIP and Communications providers to offer the best solutions to our customers all over Minnesota! 

Our Nextiva Review — The Best for Calling Quickly Within Your CRM

A lot of businesses like a good auto dialer, and while many auto dialers can integrate with a CRM system, or others just have their own built-in, I prefer the way Nextiva takes to make outbound calling more efficient.

Nextiva has Great integration with other CRM

Other auto dialers don’t seem to sync as cleanly as Nextiva for Business does with platforms like HubSpot, Zendesk, Salesforce, and all the other big names in the CRM space.

While, Nextiva doesn’t offer a true auto dialer with their VoIP communications platform, integration with any CRM unlocks super useful one-click calling.

With Nextiva, you don’t need a program that churns through a calling list for reps, you can use the segmented lists in your CRM program,

Just share lists with your reps, and they can just click the phone icon next to each contact to easily and immediately initiate a call with Nextiva’s platform.

You can even do the same when searching your whole contact list. Search for any qualification, segment, or demographic split and then dial away, one click, call at a time.

Nextiva’s Superior telephony syncs with your CRM through Go Integrator, which is why it’s so easy to use one tool in the other. 

Not only do you get a one-click calling into your CRM with Nextiva, but it enhances Nextiva’s call and contact pop as well. This provides sales and services Reps get a quicker view of each contact they’re calling and get that same benefit with inbound calls as well.

So, while not a true auto dialer, Nextiva’s one-click calling can massively streamlines your Minnesota businesses efforts and improves your reps’ output—especially if you’ve already been smart enough to segment your CRM contacts into targeted lists.

This all comes as part of Nextiva’s all-encompassing VoIP solution.

I love that you can get this benefit while also improving your overall communications through Nextiva’s voice and video calling, texting, team messaging, and faxing.

Nextiva pricing for Best Auto Dialer Software for Minnesota businesses


To properly wield Nextiva’s CRM integration, you’ll need either the Professional or Enterprise plan which are both currently on sale for a limited time.


The former allows for syncing with the big names in CRM: HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zendesk. If you’re using Oracle Sales Cloud, ServiceNow, or others, go for the latter. There’s only a $10 difference between the plans, which both scale in overall cost based on the number of users.

Professional starts at $21.95 per user per month for a team of 100 or more. Fewer users raise that rate a bit, up to $27.95 per user per month for a tiny team of four or fewer.

 If you’re like me and your CRM is the beating heart of your sales efforts, go with the VoIP solution that brings out the best in your CRM and your reps—

As an authorized Nextiva Partner we can help you go with Nextiva for your Minnesota businesses communications needs .

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Phone Systems for Retail Stores Minnesota

Phone Systems for Retail Stores Minnesota

Phone Systems for Retail Retail Business Phones MNStores Minnesota,  Emergent Business Technologies is your one-stop source for creating a better customer shopping experience and it starts with the right phone system for your retail store!

Provide your employees the ability to stay and connect with your customers online, in-store, and all the moments between from a single business communications platform can make your retail store more productive and profitable while better serving your shoppers.

We know that retail stores can vary in many ways,  size and specialty, whether there a local mom and pop stores to large commercial chains, every store needs to route calls quickly and efficiently.

Hearing a busy signal, being on hold for long periods of time and not being able to communicate via chat or text are a source of major frustration for customers, all of which could lead to bad reviews or negative word of mouth comments about your business.

That’s why you need a business communications system that enables you to service your  customers quickly and the way they want to be contacted.  It  helps you stay in touch with suppliers, helps you stay on top of  shipment of goods.

Manage your supply chain for multiple retail locations are easily possible whether you are in the office or on the go, with a powerful mobile app,  that enables you to take and make calls on your business line when using your mobile phone.

And if you manage more than one franchise location, it’s easy and efficient to have one business phone system with extension dialing to multiple stores.

Phone Systems that provide:

Systems that support on every channel
Give your shoppers a smooth shopping experience and something to smile about by connecting them with the right person, every time during and after hours. With Virtual Receptionist, it doesn’t matter whether you’re busy helping customers or it’s after hours; your callers can be greeted with helpful information, such as directions to where they need to go. The menu options are customizable by you, allowing to create choices such as: Press 1 for store hours and Press 2 for a stock check.
Make it easy to get help
Chat with shoppers and manage conversations across every digital channel—all in one place.
Keep shoppers in the loop
Stay nimble with accurate call-routing and SMS Text order alerts for curbside pickup.
No need for extra Phone lines – No wait time
Hosted VoIP shares phone lines across different endpoints and quickly connect shoppers to the right department.  Saving you money
Make it personal for each Shopper
Speed up the decision to purchase and improve loyalty online and in-store by getting to know each shopper.
Get context before you connect

Notify the right staff person simultaneously. By creating customized Ring Groups, allowing you to instantly direct calls to any location or an entire department.

If your customer has a question about a return the menu navigates to your entire customer service department gets a ring. No more wasted staff time getting the caller to the right place, Emergent-Tech takes care of that for you.

Route calls based on service required and give associates profile and purchase data.

 Go with them everywhere
Connect with shoppers anytime, anywhere by phone, customized SMS alert, chat, or even video.
Delight customers with superior service
From storefront to Customer service, to any location create a consistent customer experience with messaging, video meetings, and a business phone—all in a single app.

Business Phone Plans

Depending on your specific needs here are three Phone system plans with loads of  business phone features that empower you to connect seamlessly with customers and co-workers.

Emergent Business Technologies has been providing businesses all over Minnesota with the best options in retail store communications systems for over 35 years, and we can help you get the right solution for your Locations 

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Phone Systems for Retail Stores MN

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Spectrum for Business Rochester, Minnesota

Your Business Is Overpaying.
We Can Prove It.

New customers who switch to Spectrum Business save an average of 50%^ off their Business Internet and Phone bill. 

200 Mbps Internet
On Average, Customers Can Cut Their Bill in Half When They Switch to Spectrum Business

Re-evaluate your business service and find ways to cut costs. Our technology solutions can keep your business running for less.


Get Fast Business Internet for Rochester, MN

As a Spectrum business agent we can provide Rochester, Minnesota businesses with Spectrum Business Internet that delivers over 99.9% network reliability.  Get the speed your Rochester business needs with your choice of 200 Mbps, 600 Mbps, or Gig speed at 1 Gbps.

  • Fast, reliable 200 Mbps starting speeds

  • FREE features including an Internet modem, customer WiFi, custom business email addresses and more ($50/mo value=)

  • FREE award-winning Internet Security Suite to protect your business

Business Internet, Phone and TV Provider for Rochester, MN Businesses

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Best Business Phone System Rochester, MN

Best Business Phone System Rochester, MN  Our customer understand that a business phone system is not just for making and receiving phone calls, but it is a tool that can help improve productivity, lower costs and help your Minnesota business grow.  

The best unified communications systems will allow employees not only to communicate by phone, video, and text, which can give a business more flexibility to connect with customers and clients in any way they prefer, it also enables a business to allow for remote working, ease of operation and cost savings.

In order to help business in Rochester Minnesota choose a phone system solution that best suits their needs, we at Emergent-Tech analyzed more than 75 providers for what is best. 

We looked at the most important factors requested by our clients such as price, ease of use, the system features, mobility and tools.

We have worked with hundreds of Minnesota businesses over the past 35 years, so we understand what it is they need for their business and can help your Rochester Business as well.

One of our Top Picks for a full service system comes from Nextiva!  

Nextiva is a leading business phone system that is hosted in the cloud, it is easy to get up and running, has loads of features and a great online portal making it simple to use, and it offers all of the features and tools businesses look for in a communications system.

Business owners would be hard-pressed to find a business phone system Rochester, MN that has a more comprehensive set of features than what Nextiva offers.  

As a Nextiva Partner, Emergent-Tech has a ton of experience installing their business phone system for many of our clients with affordable service plans that include

  1. New High Quality Phones
  2. HD voice and video quality
  3. Unlimited local and long-distance calling
  4. Online faxing
  5. Automated attendants
  6. Voicemail-to-email and voicemail-to-text.

These business communications systems also incorporates artificial intelligence, which can automate tasks and analyze calls to help spur positive conversations and solve problems.

Nextiva is a unified communications platform, as it offers conferencing and messaging tools and its video conferencing services can support up to 250 participants at a time, conferencing call bridges that can host calls with unlimited attendees, team messaging, and unlimited SMS messages.

Nextiva’s  service is extremely reliable, with a 99.999% uptime, which means service is down for only a few minutes each year.  Clients love reliability, and we love Nextiva!

Nextiva’s extremely reliable with eight points of presence and data centers around the country , which ensures calls can keep going through even if one of its facilities is having issues.

This is what separates Nextiva from its competitors is its own built-in CRM system. This is ideal for businesses that want to tie all their customer communications to one platform.

The Sales Pipeline CRM database includes:
  1. account management
  2. integrated business analytics
  3. customer experience scoring
  4. customer journey mapping
  5. trend analysis
  6. call history
  7. call pops
  8. click-to-dial
  9. real-time data.

Best business Phone systems