Phone Systems for Auto Dealers

Phone Systems for Auto Dealerships

Emergent-Tech delivers Unified Communications solutions at an affordable price!



Maintaining clear communications and excellent customer service within an automobile dealership can be a challenge.  With solutions form Emergent-Tech a Unified Communications (UC) system, car dealers will have access to a robust set of calling features, such as call reporting, CRM integration, and mobile applications, that get important information to customers and employees faster and helps to ensure quality customer service at all times. 

Manage Multiple Locations without the Hassle

A growing trend in the Auto Dealer industry is Owning more than one location, and utilizing resources across all brands and it is no easy feat to pull off. At Emergent-Tech we can help reduce the stress by combining communications from all of your dealerships into one location – which will also save you money in the process. With solutions that have advanced capabilities, you can run the telephone lines, whether they are T1, PRI, or SIP, into one spot and eliminate the need for separate, expensive physical lines to each dealership. The attendant console takes you one step farther by giving you a birds-eye view into every location and employee right from your desktop.

UC Features for All Dealership Employees

Emergent has more options and is more then a simple phone system for the receptionist; it is a full Unified Communications solution with features that benefit all employees across the dealership.

Best Value in UC

Auto dealerships are in a very  competitive, market where the customer is the focus, so maintaining quality communications is essential, and sometimes it an be expensive. But, with one of our custom options Emergent-Tech can make sure it isn’t. Get the Best Value in Unified Communications and phone system for auto dealerships can give your dealership up to 70% cost savings on your monthly telephone costs. With its “all features included” pricing structure, you don’t have to worry about complex licensing models, hidden costs, or additional fees later on when more users are added.

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